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(Acknowledgements to some of our sources of Information on Robert Burns)

As a member of the Alexandria Burns Club I was asked to develop this website. My knowledge of Burns is not extensive but I have read several books on the bard and as part of the exercise, (which was a very much a labour of love), I decided to add to my limited collection of Burns literature. Through the eBay auction website I managed to purchase several books on Burns and his works. Amongst these were volumes one to four of an original six volume set entitled, "The Works of Robert Burns" written by Allan Cunningham and published by Cochrane and McCrone in London in 1834. This was less than 38 years after Burns's death and I believe that the author had actually spoken to some of Burns contemporaries who would still have been alive and well. I have quoted from this book on this website.

Other books that I have used include Volume four of, "The Works of Robert Burns", edited by Charles Annandale, M.A., LL.D., and published by Blackie and Son, Ltd. in 1889. This is a very interesting Volume as it contains the contents of many of the letters that Burns wrote during his lifetime. As well as an excellent sample of his handwriting.

(Note: Walter Blackie, a director of the publishing company, later commissioned Charles Rennie MacIntosh to build the Hill House in Helensburgh.)

I also used some material from a special edition of the now defunct, Scotland's Magazine, from January 1959, the bi-centennial of the birth of Robert Burns. I have reproduced some of the adverts from this magazine below. Can you remember them? (I am afraid that I can!)

Finally, I would be grateful if visitors to the website could point out any inaccuracies in the text. With an undertaking of this size it is inevitable that there will be some mistakes, speeling errers and typos.

Bryan Weir December 2004


Adverts from the January 1959 Scotland's Magazine.

chilprufeTwo guys relaxing together in their underwear? Hrrrrm.


antartex sheepskins imageNote the Renton Address. This was before Antartex's
move to the Vale of Leven Industrial Estate

gas cooker

mcGavinThe caption reads,
"Reigns wherever it's poured" - Groan!

golden shredd

McEwans beerAhhhh! McEwan's Export - Is it still around?

a new fireplace
Many of you will remember the
days when we used to "get a
new grate put in."


dry fly sherry


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