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Obituary - Eddie Gaughan 1947-2012 >
An obituary to Eddie Gaughan our serving Vice President who passed away on 28 April 2012.

Highland Mary Campbell >
On or around the 20th October, is the 225th anniversary of Highland Mary's death, and Norrie Paton, of Campbeltown, thought it would be fitting to have an updated article on her made available.

Robert Burns and the Scots Tongue >
This is an article that was originally published in a special edition of "Scotland's Magazine" in January 1959, the bicentennial of Robert Burns's birth.

Burns as an Exciseman >
A short account of Burns life as an Exciseman in Dumfries by Bryan Weir, webmaster.

What did Robert Burns Look Like? (by Bryan Weir, webmaster) >
An account of the information we have available about Burns's physical appearance by Bryan Weir, webmaster.

The Last Days of Robert Burns (by Bryan Weir, webmaster) >
A short examination of the cause of Burns's death and a report on his last hours by Bryan Weir, webmaster.

Jobs, Discontent, and Beauty by Ellen Reiss about Robert Burns >
An article about the exploitation of people in their working lives that uses Burns work as an illustration.

Robert Burns as a Freemason >
An article about Burns' life as a Feeemason contributed by Todd J. Wilkinson. (Mr. Wilkinson is a librarian and adjunct history instructor at Ozarks Technical Community College in Spingfield, Missouri. He is a member of the Scottish St. Andrew's Society of Springfield and Vice-President of the Clan Cumming Society USA.).

A Toast to Canada >

The Heritage Park and Kirkoswald (by Bryan Weir) >
A short tour of the new museum, pictures from the heritage park, Souter Johnnie's Cottage and Kirkoswald cemetery where Tam O' Shanter, Souter Johnnie, Burns maternal grandparents and Kirkton Jean are all buried.


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