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Sangs and Clatter

This page will contain a pot pourri of material about Burns as well as other related material. Contributions are welcomed.

Click the image to view an example of Burns handwriting. This was from an original held by Burns's son, Major James Glencairn Burns. The Noble Earl is James, Fourteenth Earl of Glencairn whom Burns named his son after.

Verses Intended To Be Written Below A Noble Earl's Picture

Buns Poem
It reads ...

1. Whose is that noble, dauntless brow?
And whose that eye of fire?
And whose that generous princely mien,
Ev'n rooted foes admire?

2. Stranger! to justly show that brow
And mark that eye of fire,
Would take His hand, whose vernal tints
His other works admire!

3. Bright as a cloudless summer sun,
With stately port he moves;
His guardian Seraph eyes with awe
The noble Ward he loves.

4. Among the illustrious Scottish sons
That Chief thou may'st discern:
Mark Scotia's fond-returning eye -
It dwells upon Glencairn.


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Billy Scobie, the well known local historian and author is also an authority on tartans. Billy wrote an article on Burns and the Tartan for the Tartan Herald. He has kindly contributed this to our website.
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Can anyone let me have the full, correct words of our three best known local songs, i.e.

The Braes o' B'nill (Bonhill)
The Valley where the Leven flows
Beautiful Vale.

I would be grateful if anyone could send them to me since I would like to feature them on this site.

UPDATE: We did find copies of all of these songs and featured them on our Vale of Leven History project website. Rather than duplicate them you can see them there, see


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