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3 December 2018

Whom it may concern,

Discovered your site quite by accident but your website is amazing and an inspiration to Burns enthusiasts everywhere. We have a local Scottish Society but no dedicated Burns Society within 300 miles. Our Burns Supper is the highlight of our program year.

Albert Cross Springville, Indiana
USA Scottish Society of Greater Bloomington


6 June 2013

I love poetry and especially Robert Burns.  Thank you for allowing the public a view into your organization and for keeping the tradition of oral tales alive. 


Faye Scott Tackett
Belleville, Illinois


30 January 2011

Hello Bryan,

Keeping my promise glad to share that we had a very nice Burn's night with around 30 people attended. While reciting, singing and sharing memories we surely could feelthe great poet's spirit somewhere nearby))!!!

With best regards from Odessa,


17 January 2011

Dear friends, With best greeting from the south of Ukraine, Odessa city we would just like to let you know that here far away from your lands we run a fan club of Scottish culture and traditions.

We have our get togethers at one of the central whiskey pubs of our city called Corvin Soon we are going to celebrate Robert Burns' birthday and praise his memory with poems and songs.

It is not at all a commercial enterprise and we just enjoy communication, sharing news and learning and supporting cultural traditions of Scotland.

All the best and welcome to Odessa.
Roman Vlasov.

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8 December 2005


My Grandmother, Jennifer Armour, was the great-niece of Jean Armour and whenever Robert's name was mentioned she used to do a mock spit over her shoulder. Apparently, the family were disgusted at the way he treated "our Jeannie". My Father always warned me not to mention the connection when I visited Mom as we called her and my Grandfather, Joseph Whitley used to get very protective of her as she used to be very upset. I can only imagine that the tales that she had been told as a young girl had grown with the telling!

I hope that this little anecdote amuses you!

Sara Whitley Kinzett


13 July 2004

Thank you for a wonderful site.  I was looking everywhere for the Selkirk Grace and not only did I find them but was able to hear it too!  Thank you so much and again Well Done!

Kind regards,


3 July 2004

Came across your very interesting site tonight, and keep up the great job.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We over here in Canada celebrate Burns' nite every year. I have Scottish country danced at many a Burns' Nite. My parents were both born in Scotland, and we very much enjoy our Scottish heritage. Your site provided much information.

Thanks again, from B.C. west coast on Sunny Shuswap Lake.

Mrs. Jackie Liscia


1 July 2005


I am writing to tell you about an lovely interesting antique tallcase clock that I saw today in an antique shop in a suburb of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA, with a painting above the time dial of "The Cotters Saturday Night ",a group of people socalizing and dining around a large table.

The clock dates back to 1790 and is Scottish with the names Dilger & Barclay Glasgow Scotland inscribed on the dial face. I have looked them up on the internet and cannot get any information. I have been trying to buy a Scottish clock of this type,however the case has been varnished over and is in somewhat poor  condition. The face/dial and works look to be in good shape.

Could you possibly shed any light on the clock makers?It would be greatly appreciated. I thought you might also just enjoy hearing about this wonderful antique because of Robert Burns. It is amazing how influential he has been to literature and writers thru history.The gentleman in the shop selling the clock has the book of the poem The Cotters Saturday Night that was published in the 1880s, to go with the clock. The clock belonged to a Philadelphia Doctor. I look forward to hearing from you.I have enjoyed this web site

Kathleen Cavarocchi

(If anyone can help Kathleen let me know and I'll forward her email address.)


27 December 2004

Hi!Very impressed with the site and would like to pass on our congratulations for a professional job well done.

Ian McLean President, Dumbarton Burns Club.

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