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St Andrews Night Celebration 2006

st andrews night top table guests
Top Table Guests, Eddie Gaughan, Bryan Weir, Harry Summers (Chairman for the Evening)
Ian Collins, John McLaine and Ian Armstrong

St. Andrews Night Top Table Guests

The Club's St Andrews Night Dinner took place in the function room of the Vale of Leven Bowling Club on Friday 24 November 2006.

The Dinner was chaired by the Vice President, Harry Summers, who welcomed 102 members and guests.  After grace, said by Fergus McLellan, the company enjoyed a superb meal served by Venue Caterers.

The Toast to our Toon was proposed by Bryan Weir who demonstrated his knowledge of our community with a wide ranging and humourous toast.

The Toast to Scotland was proposed by the Club President Ian Collins, this was the first time in eleven years that Ian had "spoken" at a club function, his very witty toast allowed the company to reflect on many different aspects of Scotland.

The Club welcomed for the first time to sing for us two Balfron boys, John McLaine and Ian Armstrong, their contribution together with Eddie Gaughan who was singing after cracking a couple of ribs a few days earlier gave the company the opportunity to enjoy a number of well known songs.

The Bard of the Vale Duncan McLean entertained with a couple of his own readings.

Harry Summers conducted the whole evenings ongoings with humour enabling the members and guests to enjoy another successful St Andrews Night dinner.

Many thanks to the committee and all those who contributed to the organisation and success of this evening.

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