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St Andrews Night Celebration 30th November 2012 

The Club's St Andrews Night always seems to be a wee bit more special when it falls on the exact date and this year was no exception. Once again it was held in the function suite of the Vale of Leven Bowling Club, where a large crowd of members and guests enjoyed the usual excellent meal provided by Robert Mills of Venue Catering.

Top Table Guests
The Top Table with Willie Kelly, Reverend Ian Miller
Chairman Fergus McLellan, David McDonald and James Thumath

President Fergus McLellan was in the chair for the evening and after welcoming the company with his opening remarks and the Selkirk Grace the evening got under way with the once again excellent meal.

The evening's entertainment started with a performance by a weel kent face, local barber James Thumath. A newcomer to the St Andrew's night, James has been around the local music and folk music scene for many years. A skilled musician, his choice of songs and his performance in his two spots during the evening was great and we look forward to seeing him again in the future.

JamesJames Thumath

Dave McDDavid McDonald

The main toast of the evening, the Toast to Scotland was proposed in his own inimitable way by David McDonald. David's delivery is unique, very humourous and always appreciated and his entertaining toast this year was no exception.

Following David's toast we were once again treated to a performance by our harmonica virtuoso, Jim O'Hare. Jim certainly knows how to get an audience going and his selection of tunes always seems to be right for the occasion. In the three St Andrew's nights since he first entertained us his moothie playing has become more or less a required part of the evening's ongauns. Jim entertained us again in the second part of the evening.

Next up for sangs and clatter was the very popular Willie Kelly. Willie has been entertaining audiences locally and further afield for more than 50 years. A very talented comedian and singer, his performance had the audience "rolling in the aisles". This and his second spot later in the evening, was wonderfully entertaining as evidenced by the audience reaction.

Jim the Moothie ManJim O'Hare

Willie the ComicWillie Kelly

Bob WyllieBob Wyllie (right) has been contributing to our St. Andrews night during the last few years.

Bob took his turn again and as usual he turned up some lesser know but very entertaining poetry. This was well received by the audience and we look forward to more of these wee Wyllie gems.

The Toast to Oor Toon was proposed by the (now retired) Reverend Ian Miller. Ian has performed for us on several occasions over the years. He is a very entertaining speaker and once again he excelled in speaking about a subject close to his heart.

The club offers Ian our congratulations as he is soon to become a Freeman of West Dunbartonshire, an honour bestowed on him for his many years service to the Church and the local community.

Rev Ian MillerRev. Ian Miller

Jim McNivenJim McNiven

The evening drew to a close with Jim McNiven leading the company in "Beautiful Vale" and "The Lovely Valley". Our Chairman, Fergus McLellan then offered the vote of thanks before leading the company in singing Auld Lang Syne.

The feedback we have been receiving after this exceptionally successful evening has been unanimously positive. Some people have actually been saying that it was the best evening in living memory and I would not argue with that. Our thanks go to all those who contributed..


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