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Stories about the Vale of Leven

Vale of Leven

On this page we intend to feature jokes, anecdotes and stories about the Vale of Leven.

Please send us your contributions. All material with an local interest will be welcomed.

Why the "Jeely Eaters"?
When I started my working life back in the sixties with John Brown's Shipyard in Clydebank, I was the only Vale "man" in my department. Some of the "Bankies" immediately started calling me the wee "Jeely Eater". (Believe it or not I was a wee runt at the time).

I asked why they were calling me this and I was told by one old worthy that during the depression the Vale folk were so poor that they were allowed entrance to the Vale of Leven FC's matches using jam or "jeely jaurs", for which there was a 1/2d deposit on their return.

Not a very likely story? Well, probably not, but I am led to believe that there is some truth in it. I have also been told that during this same depression the Vale people were very poor. While others may have had cheese or spam all the Vale folk could afford for their lunchtime "pieces" was bread and jam (or jeely). This is probably a bit closer to the truth but if anyone can enlighten me further please do.

(Bryan Weir)


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